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Warehouse Control

IAS recognizes that one system doesn't fit all. Instead of being hampered by a boxed product, IAS relies on a modular approach to create a WCS that fits your business. We utilize tested modules that are assembled for your company to create a system with the options you want. We then utilize a customization layer to customize everything from the work flows and equipment involved down to the user interface level. Everything can be created exactly as you want. Our philosophy is why go though 10 screens to accomplish a task when you can only go through one. Contact us for an online demo and more information.

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Directed Work

The IAS Directed Work module utilizes current mobile technology (iPod Touch / Android) to direct the user through any work flow. The system can attach to any existing WMS though our customization layer enabling it to work independently of our other products. The DW module also includes real time feedback to the users to let them know how they are preforming. This enables your employees to stay on track throughout the day. Contact us for an online demo and more information.



  • Minimal Training Required (Users can pick up and go to work within minutes)

  • Adapts to any business process

  • Real Time Employee Feedback

  • Management Reports for labor statistics

  • Voice Directed work for hands free use. (Multiple languages supported)

  • Low Cost

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Auto Packing Slip

The APS system allows you to print / fold / insert packing slips into any size carton. The system can work within your existing conveyor system to allow for automatic packing slip insertion. Packing slips can be bi or tri folded and placed inside the carton. The system also contains validation to make sure the correct packing slip arrives in the correct container. Contact us for an online demo and more information.

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Custom Solutions

On top of the main products above. We have many other solutions for the warehouse. Contact us for more information.

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